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The Best Among the Good



There are a thousand results for chess blogs on the internet. Some of these blogs are written by chess fans and some of them are written by chess masters. Among all these blogs it can not be graded that the blogs written by the masters of the game are the best ones and that the blogs written by the fans are not as good. It is to be considered that the fans of the game follow their masters very strictly and they might be aware of the strategies that have been used by different chess masters at different times. The blog of a particular chess pro might not be versatile enough because the person might discuss his own game style neglecting the game strategies used by other pros.

The best chess blogs are the ones that help people to understand the game better in an over all view of the game. They are meant for every body who seek to be some body in this field. For example a chess blog named ‘the chess mind’ has been written by a chess fan for the other fans. It details many strategies that can be used to win the game. The strategies have been depicted in the form of simple presentations that are easy to comprehend. This quality of the blog gives it a place among the best chess blogs. Many such blogs give an intricate insight to the game and assist the people to raise their level of the game and get in to good competitive spirit.


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