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Chess is a game that has been in existence since many centuries. The brain challenging quality of this game has drawn many people towards it. People get obsessed about mastering this game. To satisfy this temptation of being associated with this game the fans have come up with many innovative ideas over the years. The game has been modified in many ways. A great number of new kinds of chess sets have come into existence that not only attract people towards buying them but also enhance the fun of playing the game. There are many chess retail blogs that talk about the retail and manufacturing of the chess sets. These blogs talk about the wide range of chess sets that have hit the market. One of these blogs has mentioned the Greek mythology set of chess pieces that has become a major attraction for the buyers. The chess set has Zeus as the king, Aphrodite as the queen and Pan as the pawn. These Greek mythology characters are carved in an intricate design using the finest of the materials.

There are also other innovative ideas that have taken the shape of chess players. For example in anther creative chess set an imaginative guy named Garry Kasparov is challenging the Putin presidency. The chess game has also reached the digital world with the launch of chess software. This software not only offers a computer chess game but also explains different strategies. The chess retail blogs also discuss the introduction of chess among our mobile games.


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