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Out of the many chess blogs that are available online most of these blogs are about playing the game. The chess playing blogs offer detailed and intricate information about the rules of the game and the strategies involved. These blogs are meant for beginners as well as for pros. For the beginners the blogs detail the various advantages and disadvantages of a particular move. There are rules of the game explained in utmost detail for the amateurs to follow. The beginners are supposed to acclimatize themselves with these rules so that they can understand the game better. The chess playing blogs initially explain the opening moves and strategies of the game. Most of these blogs focus on explaining that the centre of the chess board should be the made the main power centre of the chess game. Then the chess playing blogs detail the first few moves that need to be taken to achieve the prior task of the power centre. These moves are explained properly with the help of simple presentations that can be understood easily.

The chess playing blogs have many interesting strategies that can be integrated by the pros in their game. The strategies help them improve their game. This helps the pros to raise their level of competitive game. Many of the chess playing blogs have detailed the strategies that one of the game masters had used to win a world championship. These wonderful game techniques are the major source of attraction of these blogs and an obsession for chess fans.


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