Chess Grandmaster Blogs


Understanding the Grandmasters’ Game

In the game of chess the word ‘grand master’ is associated with a very high rank. The term ‘grand master’ is awarded to that person who is considered to have mastered the game. It is very difficult for any body to beat the grand master of chess at the game. This title is often awarded to those who have won the world championship more than one time. Once this title is won it stays for a lifetime. The chess grandmaster blog is the blog which offers the accomplishments of the grandmasters of chess. It details their information and the years that they won this title.

The chess grandmaster blogs also talks about the technique which the grandmasters followed to achieve this title. These techniques are not restricted to the chess board. These are also the qualities of determination and focus that they had to reach where they are. One of the chess grandmaster blog has explained that the process of mastering the game of chess is divided into seven steps. The first step is the goal. It is required that a person set a goal in life towards which he should work. There are rules associated with any task which help achieve the goal. The second step is improving the ratings as it is the rating of the player that determines his playing strength. The other steps move on to discuss the player’s game and strategies and training methods and tactics. The final and the most important step is critical analysis. The player must analyze his each move with criticism.


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