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The popularity of the game chess is increasing rapidly among the new generation and the adult generation alike. This increase in popularity is opening new avenues for the game as well as for the various kinds of chess blogs. These blogs are written on various topics related to the game. There are blogs for playing the game of chess, blogs for the fans, blogs of the grandmasters of the game and many more. Among all these chess blogs there is also chess design blog and chess manufacturer blog. The chess design blog talks about the various new designs that chess sets that are hitting the market. These chess sets are very innovative and creative. One such blog has mentioned the New Greek mythology chess set that has Zeus for the king, Aphrodite for the queen and Pan for the pawn. These innovative chess designs help in retailing of the game as well.

The chess manufacturer blog discusses various modes and means of manufacturing of the game. One such chess manufacturer blog tells us that different manufacturing units use different kinds of materials for the making of the chess sets. Most of the manufacturers use wood to design the chess sets. But with the improvement in technology there are many cosmetic plastics and chemical materials that are used for the manufacture of chess sets. There are travelling chess sets also available which make use of magnets. The chess board is magnetic in nature so are the board pieces. They stick to the bard and are prevented from falling over. Hence they can be easily used while travelling.


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